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In this part of the Academy you can discover the structure of the new FW20-21 collection.

Conversation starters

Icebreakers are used as a conversation starter. You as an Ambassador have to take the initiative to notice the right time and situation to make the icebreaker in a natural/ personal way.

An icebreaker makes it easier for you and the customer to enter into a conversation. See the icebreaker as a conversation starter. They will put customer into a more familiar term with you and will be more open to your ideas and suggestions you will present them in a later point in the conversation. Develop and practice a few icebreakers that fit the sales and the customers that are in the store. Don’t just remember the words, but think about the tone, facial expression, eye contact and overall posture. (See body language) You only have one change to make a first impression: you want to come across as a confident an energetic but sincere professional.



Term dictionary and history

In this dictionary you will find descriptions of terms most used in our collections. Some terms have a long history and strong characteristics. We expect our staff to be able to know these terms and recognize them by there characteristics.

Dyeing dictionary

All sorts of dying treatments have different effects and processes. Learn the effects and dying processes of this seasons garments.



Multitasking is a valuable skill for an ambassador to have. When you are positioned at the fitting room are the cash desk or maybe different times of the season like sales you need this skill the most to be able to help all you customers at the same standards as always.

Use this in your morning sessions and look at your self when you are moving on the shop floor how you can improve the skill of multitasking.

Care for your clothes


At North Sails we always strive to use the best quality fabrics. This is why it is very important as an ambassador or captain to know all about our different fabrics and how to take care of them. This care guide will provide you with all the ins and outs about fabric care: how to wash your garments, how to remove stains and various tips and tricks to keep garments looking great.

Study this care guide to learn all about how to take care of our garments. Practice your knowledge during morning sessions and pass it on to the customer during the day.


How do you recognize this body type?
– Shoulders and hips almost equal in size.
– Very narrow waist
– Slim legs
– Medium size / large breast
Which articles or accessories amplify this shape?
– V-neck & Crew-neck
– Short waisted jackets or blazers
– Waisted dressed and shirts
– Dark denim or pants
– High heels
– Wrap dress
Which items accentuate this body shape in a negative way?
– To fitted tees tops and pulls
– Long tops
– Stripes, choose softer patterns like polka dots or flowers
– Oversized
– Boyfriend look



How do you recognize this body type?
– An equal size hip as shoulder
– Lean arms, legs and small buttock
– Small waist
Which articles or accessories amplify this shape?
– Big necklaces
– Empire Lines and Tunics (hide small tummy)
– Boyfriend fitted blazer
– Skinny denim (emphasize the hips)
– Belts to accentuate the waist to make a feminine shape
Which item accentuates this body shape in a negative way?
– Fitted tees
– Tight shirts
– Blazers
– Chino’s (because of welt pockets)
– Wide belts


How do you recognize this body type?
– Narrow shoulders
– Slightly curved waist
– Feminine curved hips
Which articles or accessories amplify this shape?
– Emphasize upper body by using embellishments
– Use color in the tops
– Shoulder filling give the silhouette a nicer shape
– Waisted clothing on upper body
– Narrow belts, strap them around the waist
– Use pants with a straight leg in dark color
Which items accentuate this body shape in am negative way?
– Baggy clothes
– Stiff materials give an angular effect
– Denim made from shiny materials like lurex and silk


How do you recognize this body type?
– Wide shoulders
– Slim legs
– Ornate waist
Which articles or accessories amplify this shape?
– Tees or shirts with bold patterns and bright colors
– A-line shaped dresses, tunics and tops
– Short tops
– V-neck tops, pulls make the shoulders more narrow
Which items accentuate this body shape in am negative way?
– Shoulder filling
– Tight pants or shorts
– Double-breasted jackets
– Vertical stripes on tee’s and pulls


How do you recognize this body type?
– Slim arms
– Slim legs
– Powerful upper body
– Small tummy
Which articles or accessories amplify this shape?
– Ear rings, necklaces en broches make the attention go to the cleavage.
– Vertical striping makes you longer and thinner
– Use thin and light materials
– Skinny denim in bright colors
Which items accentuate this body shape in am negative way?
– Wide jumpers
– Boxy top sweats, tees
– Don’t wear pants or shirts in the waist


A significant or descriptive word.

Keywords are important to give a full description about a product.

The look, feel, style, trend, and image can be described in keywords. Keywords are important for describing an article and make them sound more appealing. You can place them in a setting and make the product or set more personal or fit the
occassion and wishes more. The key for the Ambassadors is to describe the product in an interesting and knowledgeable way.
Don’t forget that keywords have a meaning. Look up the meaning of keywords and why the keywords are used in that way.
For instance why you could say Nautical. What defines that keyword and what articles can be placed in that group. It’s a military inspired sturdy outdoor jacket.Here are a few keywords you can use, that could describe a look and feel of a set or product. Don’t hesitate to come up with keywords yourself.

Travel wear
Beach wear
Old school
Relax wear



Body language is a kind of nonverbal communication, where thoughts, intentions, or feelings are expressed by physical behaviors, such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space. This is a skill you as a Ambassador need to master.
Communication can be divided into to categories: verbal and non verbal.

Non-verbal communication is the communication between people without the use of spoken language. It gives a deeper meaning and intention to your words. In fact, the biggest part of our communication is nonverbal. This is often referred to as body language.

Non-verbal communication consists of facial expressions, tone of voice, movement, appearance, eye contact, gestures and posture. This document focuses on the basics of non-verbal communication: eye contact, smiling and body language.

Be Aware
Always be aware of your non-verbal communication, even when you are not interacting with a customer. You might not always be able to see the customer but they could have already spotted you.
Let your body speak and find out what’s your natural way in coming across as being relaxed, interested and confident at the same time. The following tips will make this a lot easier.

Eye Contact
Keep eye contact with your customer. Eye contact is a sign of focused attention. It is an instinctive way of showing interest in the other person.

Tip: Noticing customers by making eye contact has a beneficial side effect; it is the number-one discouragement to theft in retail stores.


By smiling you are more approachable for your customers. Make sure to give them a genuine smile like you are recognizing an old friend.

Body Language

  1. No closed posture; uncross your arms and legs and direct your body towards the customer.
  2. No barriers; Do not hide behind store furniture or your colleagues.
  3. No static posture; Make sure you move naturally.
  4. No fidgeting; be aware of those extra movements like touching your face, rubbing your eyes, adjusting your glasses, etc