Date published: 20 May 2019
Tags: Weeksessions

This morningsession is about knowing the ins and outs about collection, brand, fabrics, cabinet technique etc. You can apply this session to every skill or facet of knowledge you would like.

Choose a topic. Within this topic find a stroyline in wich one team is oppost and one team is for the statement you make. Make sure you let the Ambassadors know by forehand what the topic is so they can prepare. Then let them have a debat about this topic lasting for 5 minutes. Then when the time is over choose the winner ( the team who had the most factial arguments)
(Example: cotton is better than linnen.)


Read all the steps and collect what you need.

  • Have a pen and paper ready to make sure you can take notes.
  • Give a short introduction to the team and explain the goals/rules.
  • Introduce the topic and set a timer. Give the Ambassador 5 minutes to finish this debate.
  • Discuss how it went and choose the winner.

Summarize the session and the goal of the excersise to know have all the knowlegde obout a certain topic. This is good in a conversation with the customer and show your skill.

What are the key pointers for using it on the shop floor and how to integrate it trough the day?

What went well and what could go better? Did the team get it or should things be repeated? Also start with these reflections the next morning.

Refresh: Choose different topics
Advanced: Dont give the Ambassadors a heads up about the morningsession but suprise them.

Hang the notes in the cantine and share the knowledge with the rest of the team.