Date published: 20 May 2019
Tags: Weeksessions

The goal of this session is to test the knowledge of the team about a specific topic.

There are quizes prepared for you and the team about brand knowledge and collections on the academy under the header knowledge. You can/may always make a quiz yourself if you feel there is knowledge you want tested. Share the questions you have prepared online.


  • Start with an introduction and explain the relevance. Hand out the quiz.
  • Give the Ambassadors a few minutes to answer the questions.
  • Afterwards go trough the questions with the stylists and make sure everyone understands the answers.

Round off the session. Let the Ambassadors summerize the session. Ask them why they think this topic is relevant. If Ambassadors did pourly on the test ask them why, and how they feel they can improve.

What are the key pointers for using it on the shop floor and how to integrate it trough the day?

What went well and what could go better? Did the team get it or should things be repeated? Also start with these reflections the next morning.

Don’t make the quiz to long. you want to have time to be able to discuss the questions afterwards.

Look for ways to improve the weaker skills. Give separate tasks to the Ambassadors depending on wich questions they had wrong in which they should focus during the day. Evalute how thid is working out form them.