Vm guidemap

Vm guidemap

Date published: 20 June 2019
Tags: Weeksessions

The goals is for the Ambassadors to understand where the ‘ weaknesses’ are in the stores and where the strengths are. When they know this they can learn how to play with this knowledge on the shop floor. By using it in your VM and in your positions on the shop floor.

Grap a few different items. The items can contain a slowseller a bestseller an important look ( keylook) a evergreen (icon) etc. Give a item to an Ambassador an ask them to place it on the right spot on the shopfloor. Then discuss this spot and why this spot is the best spot or why another spot would be better.

Read all the steps and collect the items you need.

  • Give a short introduction to the team and explain the goals.
  • Give the first item to a stylist and evaluate.
  • Repeat until all items are discussed.

Summarize the session where are the hotspots, what tasks should be done where?


What are the key pointers for using it on the shop floor and how to integrate it trough the day?Explain the importance of a good transaction at the cash desk. Talk about how to witch way its best to stand and to keep making eye contact and conversation.

What went well and what could go better? Did the team get it or should things be repeated? Also start with these reflections the next morning.

Discuss the groundplan with the Ambassadors. Because we can play around with the plan we can think of ways how to improve it. Make a groundplan and mark the places discussed. 

Now you know the shopfloor and the locations better. And you can also look and help you Ambassadors how to implement it trough the day.